Never Stop Learning

Welcome to Center

A school that loves to inspire

  Center Language School is one of the first private language schools in Thessaloniki, founded in 1974. As our school grew and we began opening new branches, in 1993 we decided to change the name into now well known CENTER. During all these years our priorities were and are to place equal attention to each student and quality.

We are aware of how much language learning is essential for you and  we are fully focused on your needs, interests and goals. In Center School students of all ages are always welcome, because here we offer language courses for the youngest as well as for students and adult learners .

We believe that human possibilities are endless. With the right approach, all opportunities are becoming available at a time. That is why  we dedicate every second of our time to discovering the right approach for you.

          Our foreign language courses are always different , personal, easy to understand, interactive, and "the most beautiful obligations at the end  of your day." With the help of technology learning foreign languages is easier, more fun and dynamic. What for you is a real value for us is a real challenge!

Dedication to work, teachers with experience and a pleasant  atmosphere are going to welcome you  in our Center school and we will make for you easier to take decision to join. You are welcome to visit us and see for yourself and Sign up for one of the courses in our rich offer.