International ESL Exams

Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?

  • I plan to study in USA.
  • I want to work as a doctor in Germany.
  • I want to move with my family to Australia.
  • I am engineer and I wish to work at Siemens.
  • I want to continue my studies of medicine in England.
On the fulfillment of your wishes will affect many factors, but one is common - you will need a language.

International Language certificate is only irrefutable and undeniable proof that you have a certain knowledge of the language. Your prospective employer or university to which you plan to continue academic career will trust your certificate only.

International Language certificate is a diploma in addition to your degree, knowledge, expertise and experience. This is a document that will be required as the passport.

Center for Foreign Languages ​​Center will allow you with quality preparation, at very affordable prices reach your goal. Come and see it by yourself!

To prepare for international examinations in Center School you need to:

1. Take a decision

Do you want an international certificate and are you ready to take the necessary time?

The certificate you can acquire the certificate only with strong motivation - motivate yourselves even when it is the most difficult. Think about the justification of reasons: no time, no money, languages are not going to me... That  way , you are only justifying yourselves.

Make sure - it is clear why you need a certificate, consider how much energy and work you are really investing.


2. You have the necessary linguistic knowledge

You made a decision and resolve to take the necessary time

In our school, preparing for the exam can be accessed only if you have  the satisfactory level of knowledge . The time of  preparation for the exams depends on the level of your knowledge . You can check your level at our school by completing a complete placement test with all necessary parts. If your  knowledge does not meet the required level, Center will help you gain the necessary  level through our general courses.

Depending on your knowledge, exam preparation lasts from one to three semesters and usually two.

Exam preparation is a big responsibility. Take it as a common interest. Otherwise, you are wasting time and money, and my reputation.